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Thomas Mackesy Silver Piece

On Friday 10th May the RCSI Heritage Collections were paid a visit by Ms. Heather Elliott and her mother Mrs. Roma Peare. Mrs. Peare gifted a silver center piece given to Thomas Lewis Mackesy (1790-1869) by his medical brethren on 6th June 1864 to the College in 2007. The piece was in Mrs. Peare's family for generations with her husband being a distant relation of Thomas Mackesy. Thomas Lewis Mackesy (1790-1869) Thomas Lewis Mackesy was born in Waterford in 1790. His father was an apothecary and his mother was a Miss Lewis. He was apprenticed to his father and saw a good deal of practice at the Leper Hospital in Waterford. Mackesy came to Dublin and was prepared in twelve months for the office of assistant-surgeon in the army. He served for seven years in the artillery and was present when the British were repulsed at Guadeloupe  If it wasn't for his running speed and agility he would most certainly have been captured. On his return from service, Mackesy settled down to

Arrival of Charitable Infirmary Archive

The RCSI Heritage Collections are delighted to announce the arrival of its latest collection that of the Charitable Infirmary (Jervis Street Hospital) received from the Charitable infirmary Charitable Trust (CICT). The full and colourful history of the CICT can be found on their website  Mr. Peter McLean (1934-2010)  The Charitable Infirmary Collection made its way to the   Royal College of Surgeons through the foresight of one of   our past Presidents and member of the CICT Trust   Committee Mr. Peter McLean.   Mr. McLean studied at the RCSI, became a Fellow of the   College in 1962, a Council Member in 1984 and President   from 1996 to 1998. He interned in the Charitable Infirmary   in Jervis Street, worked as a consultant in there and in  Beaumont Hospital and sat on the CICT Trust Committee.  He had a passion for heritage and the preservation of this   heritage for future generations. Mr. McLean personally   funded the