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William Dease Statue

William Dease (1752-1798)       The impressive, whole-length seated statue facing the entrance door in the front hall of the College, represents William Dease (1752-1798) one of the founders of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He was the College's first Professor of Surgery and it's President in 1789. The sculptor was Sir Thomas Farrell, RHA. It was presented by the subject's grandson, Matthew O'Reilly Dease. It was unveiled by the Countess of Aberdeen at an afternoon ceremony on 27th April 1886. William Dease was born in Lisney, Co. Cavan, in 1752 to a landed family which had suffered through support of the Stuart cause. He received his professional education in Dublin and Paris, settling in Dublin he soon attained a good practice. He was surgeon to the United Hospitals of St. Nicolas and St. Catherine, in Francis Street, which in 1766 had forty beds and 5 elected surgeons. Dease was an original member of the Dublin Society for Surgeons. A successful pr

The Board Room

The College functioned first in humble premises near Mercer's Hospital (the present Mercer Library), moving in 1810 to a new building facing Stephen's Green. On the upper floor, Sir Charles Cameron tells us there was RCSI in 1810 A large room.....with windows opening upon the Green, [which] was devoted to the meetings of the College and their committees. The Board Room then extended the entire width of the upper storey and its original dimensions were not added to by the major expansion of the building initiated in 1825. It provided ample space for important occasions on which the President, Vice-President, Censors and Members convened to deal with College business. A carpet which cost £48.5s.3d was purchased; a large and impressive chair was provided for the President; armchairs were available for lesser dignitaries, while the members (all of whom were free to attend) sat on plain seats. RCSI Board Room before 1916 The supplemental charter (1844) introduced a C