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An Eye for an Eye!

With the bicentenary of Sir William Wilde only around the corner, the RCSI Heritage Collections decided to look at another gifted eye and ear surgeon who lived, worked and taught in Dublin at the same time as Wilde. A major difference between these two characters was their levels of flamboyancy and it's because of this that Arthur Jacob is not as widely known as Wilde. Bust of Arthur Jacob by Joseph Robinson Kirk Arthur Jacob PRCSI 1837 and 1864 Arthur came from a medical family. His father, John, was Surgeon to Queen's County Infirmary and enjoyed a large practice while his grandfather, Michael, was also a surgeon. Arthur started his medical education be becoming indentured to his father in 1808. In 1811 he became a pupil of Abraham Colles in Steevens' Hospital. Like many other surgeons of the time, Arthur travelled to further his surgical knowledge. He went to the University of Edinburgh and graduated with an M.D. in 1814. The it was to London where he stud

Those Who Served, We Honour You

On 22nd April Irish Doctors in the First World War , a book by Patrick Casey, Kevin Cullen and ex-RCSI Council member Joe Duignan, will be launched in the College. 'This unique book records the experiences of Irish doctors who joined the British armed forces and describes their journey from the relative calm, of a pre-war medical career to the horrors of the First World War.' - Irish Academic Press  WW1 material on display in the College Numerous staff and students from RCSI made the trip over to Europe to use their medical skills and training in saving those who were fighting on the front line in WW1. During and after the WW1 the College continuously compiled the names of these doctors through despatches, newspaper reports, contact with families etc and created the RCSI Roll of Honour 1914-1918. This honours list was produced to remember and celebrate the compassion, medical skill and unselfish nature of those staff and students, some of whom were n

Accounts, Accounts Everywhere!

A couple of weeks ago the RCSI Heritage Collections was paid a visit by one of the RCSI Accounts Department and he came bearing gifts! While clearing out an old storage room they came across College accounts in pristine condition and dating from 1915 to 1960. RCSI accounts dating from 1915 to 1960 The first account just happens to be from this week 100 years ago. Spooky! Accounts like these contain a wealth of information and not just about accounts but about social history. They can also let you see what services/items cost at the time and who was being paid, be they an individual or a company. Looking at the ones below you will see some familiar names associated with the College popping up   Professor (Alfred) Scott   Professor (George Jameson) Johnston   Sir C(harles) A. Cameron RCSI Accounts from 5th April 1915 One name that struck me was the Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, Hugh Alexander Auchinleck. Not only is the name a little unusual but Auchinleck was a maj