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Preserving Your Experience - World Digital Preservation Day & our RCSI COVID-19 Archive

RCSI Heritage Collections celebrates World Digital Preservation Day today. As an increasing number of our collections are being digitised or are born-digital, Digital Preservation is becoming a key aspect to our cataloguing and archival work. In order to meet the requirements for these new types of collections we are working towards putting in place a robust system, workflows and IT infrastructure to ensure that our digital records will remain accessible and usable in the years to come. For today we thought we would delve a little into an ongoing Digital Preservation project- the RCSI COVID-19 Archive. About the project RCSI Library has invited students, faculty, staff, alums and other members of the RCSI community to document their personal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and contribute them to the RCSI Heritage collections. While RCSI’s official response to this unprecedented event will be recorded and preserved in the University Archive, we want to ensure that personal exp