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Frankenstein's Medical Instruments

Yesterday 27 medical instruments were picked up from the RCSI Heritage Collections to be used in an up-coming horror TV series. The series which was created for the giant US TV network Showtime by Josh Logan is being filmed in Ardmore Studios in Bray and is called Penny Dreadful. It is set in Victorian London and will feature a number of famous (and infamous) characters from classic horror literature. These include Dorian Gray, Dracula and Dr. Victor Frankenstien. Filming is taking place now in various locations around Dublin and features such stars as Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett, Eva Green and Helen McCrory.   RCSI/MI/707/93 - Metal box of sutures RCSI/MI/727/93 - Surgical instruments in wooden box The instruments supplied by the RCSI Heritage Collections will be on display in D

The Lentaigne Manuscript

Typical marginal illustrations in the Lentaigne Manuscript This early fifteenth century manuscript, is  so styled to honour Sir John Lentaigne,  who presented it to the library of the Royal  College of Surgeon in Ireland in March  1851. The manuscript itself is a copy of  the  works of the English surgeon, John of  Arderne  (1307-c1390). The Lentaignes were landowners in  Normandy and Sir John's father, a  physician, came to Dublin in 1792. Born in Dublin in 1805 Sir John was an M.D. of  Trinity College, Dublin and a Fellow of the RCSI. A social-reformer he became  Inspector-General of Prisons and in 1861 he became the Commissioner of National Education. He died in 1886. John of Arderne, a contemporary of Chaucer, served Edward III as an army surgeon at the battle of Crécy in 1346. He was also a favourite of Edward's eldest son, the Black Prince (who granted him land in Connaught). Arderne's writings are the earliest documents in these islands