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A few years ago a group of primary school children were asked what they thought of when they heard the word 'archivist'. After the initial 'an archi-what?' was answered, the children set about compiling a list of what the characteristics of an archivist are..... They don't know how right they got it those child geniuses!!  But if you ask people, young or old, 'what does an archivist do?' majority of the time you will get either a furrowed brow as the inner depths of the brain search for an answer other than 'archive stuff' or a completely blank look of terror. Fear no more! The article below answers that universal question...  What do archivists do all day?  - Researched and written by Meadhbh Murphy

Vive Avicenna!

Within the last couple of days an amazing discovery has taken place in the University of Birmingham. Two pages of parchment from the Qur'an which date to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (c.570-632) have been discovered mistakenly bound with a manuscript from the 7th century. The discovery of this Arabic manuscript brought to mind the hugely significant medical tome written in the Islamic Golden Age  (c780-1260) by Avicenna , one of the most important thinkers and writers of that time. Avicenna was born in the Bukhara region modern day Uzbekistan in 980 AD and died at the age of only 57 in Hamadan, Iran. It was under the patronage of  Harun al-Rashid , the fifth Abbasid Caliph, that the Islamic Golden Age came about. He encouraged growth, study and discoveries in the sciences, culture, religion, Islamic art and music. He also established the legendary ' House of Wisdom ' or 'Bayt al-Hikma' library in Baghdad. Title page of The Canon of Medicine or   Al-Qanu

The years 1920 to 1950 now available!

Just like the temperature, get ready for the excitement levels to soar! The years 1920 to 1950 of the RCSI Roll of Licentiates are now available on line. Click on this link to find them RCSI Roll of Licentiates RCSI Roll of Licentiates (RCSI/LIC/02) The signature that can be seen above is that of Harry O'Flanagan who received his licence from the College in 1939. Harry was to have a colourful medical career joining the RAF medical branch in 1944 and inspecting medical facilities in Palestine, Libya and Kenya.  Harry O'Flanagan c.1944 In 1962 Harry was appointed Registrar of RCSI and under his creative thinking, energy and enthusiasm the College was revitalised, upgraded and expanded. To show the College's appreciation for all Harry had done, he was bestowed with an Honorary Fellowship in 1981. A past President of RCSI, Peter McLean, summed up Harry's influence when he said ' Harry O'Flanagan revolutionised our College '. - Researched