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RCSI Gathering 2013

Gillian Sheehan, Siobhan Wallace and Yinka Lambo enjoying the selection of RCSI Yearbooks on display Alumni who attended the RCSI Gathering enjoyed reminiscing over their yearbooks. Seeing photos of themselves and their classmates after decades evoked disbelief, mirth and sadness. Many of the photos and their captions are amusing, while it is hard to believe how the years change others and oneself. Friends no longer living were remembered and missed once more. Most people remarked that they still had their yearbook and knew where it was – even if they hadn’t laid hands on it for years. A few actually brought theirs along so classmates attending the reunion could sign them. Yearbooks are precious possessions. RCSI Assistant Librarians Mary Gavin and Mary O'Doherty at the Heritage Collections stand A full set of yearbooks from the first one brought out by the class of 1959-64 is a precious possession of the library too. Displaying these for our alumni to peruse g

The Royal Painting and the Putees

Photograph of Queen Victoria portrait slashed by rebels in 1916. During Heritage Week the College had large numbers of people walk through it's buildings hearing of the history contained within. A photograph featured in the Heritage Collections display caught the attention of Michael Parsons, author of the Fine Arts and Antiques column in the Irish Times. The photograph in question showed a life-size portrait of Queen Victoria after it had been slashed by the rebels to make puttees. The reason it caught Michael's eye was because a piece of this portrait was up for auction in Whyte's auctioneers on Saturday 14th September Countess Markievicz, Commander Mallin and over one hundred men, women and children took control of the College during the rising in Easter Week of 1916. One of these women was Margaret Skinnider a native of