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Research Summer School - What a library project looks like...2019 project opportunities now open!

The SPANISH FLU or 'GREAT FLU' of 1918 was one of the greatest pandemics of all time. It killed between 50 and 100 million people - approximately 35% of the population. Despite its name, the outbreak affected virtually every country in the world.  To mark this centenary RCSI Library worked with Research Summer School students Kate Moran and Vikneswaran Raj Nagarajan to investigate the historical impact of the out outbreak under the following questions: What features of this strain of influenza led to it being such a severe outbreak? What was the impact of the pandemic, socially, medically politically? What was the response to the breakout in Ireland? What did the Irish public health sector do in response? How can we use the pandemic as a model for future pandemics? Over the 8 weeks, Kate and Vik, investigated and analysed primary and secondary sources available to them in RCSI Heritage Collections including medical journals, pamphlets, archives and newspapers. They