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Collis Photograph Collection

The surgical skills needed to remove, rebuild and reconstruct a persons face after major surgery have been perfected over the centuries. When these surgical techniques and skills were being discovered there were no small incisions, cameras or keyhole surgery! To see the before and after of major surgery is something we can easily do now through magazines, the internet, newspapers etc. What about in 1869? Enter:  Maurice Henry Collis Maurice Henry Collis presented a photograph album to the RCSI in 1869 which contains before and after photographs of numerous surgical reconstructions carried out by Collis. In 1867 Collis successfully removed an enormous ossified enchondroma from the left side of Mr. Battersby's face. Mr. Battersby was a well known individual in Dublin whose tumour had been growing for 20 years. Mr. Battersby before his surgery (RCSI/IP/Collis/1) Mr. Battersby after his surgery (RCSI/IP/Collis/1) It is not known what year Collis wa

Butcher's Biceps in the Flesh!

The RCSI Heritage Collections are extremely grateful to our colleagues in the Heritage Centre of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland for providing us with an amazing image of Butcher's much lauded about biceps! WARNING  This image may cause fainting in those of a weak disposition Butcher drawing the long bow RCPI/VM/1/2/B/47 - Researched and written by Meadhbh Murphy

Butcher's Biceps!

Early in his career, and for many subsequent years, Mr. Butcher excited the admiration of medical students by exhibitions of his muscular development. He was wont to roll up his shirt-sleeves before operating, thereby exposing to view biceps of much more than average proportions. His dark c omplexion, well-oiled, raven black, long hair and good features rendered his appearance remarkable. - Sir Charles A. Cameron Upon reading this description of Richard George Herbert Butcher, President of the RCSI 1866-67, the Heritage Collections couldn't help but find out more about this Irish surgeon. Richard George Butcher (1819-1891) Butcher was born on 19th April 1819 in Danesfort, Killarney to a family of English origin. He was 1 of 13 children born to Vice-Admiral Samuel Butcher and Elizabeth Herbert. butcher received his primary eduction in Hamblin's and Porter's School in Cork. He began his medical studies under John Woodroffe in the Cork School of Medicine. After two ye