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Black History Month: Celebrating Thomas Adesanya Ige Grillo (1927-1998) and Dorothea Lillian Baxter-Grillo (1931-2020)

For #blackhistorymonth, we're shining a spotlight on the legacy of two pioneers in global healthcare education - husband and wife couple, Thomas Adesanya Ige Grillo (1927-1998) and Dorothea Lillian Baxter-Grillo (1931-2020).  Both studied at RCSI and graduated together in the Class of 1955, both became renowned anatomists, and both went on to play a transformative role in the development of healthcare education in Nigeria and other developing countries from the 1960s. Together, they taught three generations of healthcare professionals and between them trained most anatomy teachers active in Nigeria today.  ' To this day, Professor Baxter-Grillo and Professor Adesanya Ige Grillo are legendary names in the field of anatomy in Nigeria. Indeed, I believe any medical doctor who read medicine in Nigeria, and says he/she hasn't heard the name "Grillo" ought to be investigated.' Friday Okonofua, Vice Chancellor of Ondo State University of Medical Sciences and Professo

'Colles at 250' - Heritage Highlights

Since the  Heritage Council funding  announcement in April,  'Colles at 250' has meant a flurry of activity and events in RCSI.  If you haven't yet heard about 'Colles at 250', enjoy this short video and find out a little more... The Recap... A unique collaboration between RCSI Library and the Men's Shed Association resulted in two beautiful display cases for Heritage Collections pop-up exhibitions, as well as this wonderful short video on the project. Pop-up exhibition on Abraham Colles   Men's Shed team The 'Colles at 250' series of Heritage Week events in August paid tribute to the anatomist and surgeon Abraham Colles, a pivotal figure in the history of  medicine and of RCSI. The series included discussions, tours and innovative online resources remembering a surgeon whose influence on the field of anatomy is still seen worldwide. Free tours as part of the Heritage Week programme To launch the programme and  virtual exhibition , RCSI held a fas