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Archiving COVID-19: Sharing our Experiences in the RCSI Community

RCSI Library invites students, faculty, staff, alums and other members of our community to document their personal experiences during the coronavirus outbreak and contribute them to the RCSI Heritage collections. While RCSI’s official response to this unprecedented event will be recorded and preserved in the University Archive, we want to ensure that your personal experiences and reactions are included as well. We therefore invite and encourage all members of the RCSI community to participate. We are interested in hearing of your experiences of working and living during this period- those working directly in the frontline, those working from home for the first time, those carrying out research work on COVID19, student experiences of distance learning, how your interaction with colleagues, family, friends have changed etc. They can be recorded thoughts, ideas, photographs, drawings, press cuttings, letters, audio or video recordings, diaries and so on. There is no restriction on the fo